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Partnerships for Success!


It is the desire of Top Shelf to continue to add to the customer experience while at events.

Here at Top Shelf, we believe in the highest of quality and service to upgrade the concessions environment. We have begun to participate in a program called “Eat Smart in Parks” that allows us to design menus that not only allow for tasty but also nutritious options at the ballpark. Top Shelf believes that nutrition and healthy options are an integral part to the lifestyle of many athletes and wants to ensure that everyone has the option to continue their healthy lifestyle while out at events.

Top Shelf has partnered with Square to operate a high quality Point of Sale System that allows for us to maximize information for greater customer interaction and to ensure that we continue to offer options that are most highly sought after. 

We operate with strict policies and all bartenders are certified through the training process, TIPS. Further information on the training process can be found at

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